A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Follow Fishy once again in his adventure through the kingdom of Yumadbreh on the island of Alura and experience battling in a whole new way! and craft new items to help you on youre adventure!
NOTE: when you start up the game it will be really loud so mute the game and then go into the options and turn down the volume to around 40% for every volume option and then unmute the sound


Developers: Laugexd (aka Fishy)

Beta testers: Aj Gamin, Asmp1209, Blaze, And some that dont want to be credited

Special thanks to: Avery for some of the sprites, Yanfly for some of the plugins, SkottyTV for the window skin,SumRndmDde for some of the plugins, Masterplayer


w = Up, a = Left, s = Down, d = Right, esc = Menu, space = Interact, shift = Run/Dash (all of the controls can be changed in game)

Where to find me

You can find me on my discord server: Link and you can find my games community on my forum: Link (just scroll down until you see "The Legend Of Fishy" under the "Game Communities" section)

Cheat Codes

There are a few cheat codes to be used in the game and to use them you just talk with the person in the suit in the first town and he will guide you through it so anyways on to the cheat codes:
48194 1 treasure package

59273 1 health up +

98337 makes the game more dificult (if you choose to use this one then dont save youre game on save files that already have saves on them because theres no way of turning this code off again!)

Install instructions

Mac: First download an app to unpack zip files and then after you have unpacked it then just open the file called "Game"
Windows: Unpack the zip file and then open the file called "Game" (it can also be called "Game.exe"
Dekstop Version: Simply just download the program and press launch


RPG The Legend Of Fishy 2 Windows.zip 161 MB
RPG The Legend Of Fishy 2 Mac.zip 162 MB

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